About the Amanda Flynn Foundation Grant Program

The Amanda Flynn Foundation’s AFF Grant Program supports practical, locally-based initiatives which will make a positive difference to the mental health and well being of sensitive and at risk children and young people living in Australia. Specifically, it aims to help sensitive and at risk children and young people in order to prevent anxiety, depression, self-harm and suicide.

Through the AFF Grant Program, the Amanda Flynn Foundation will partner with a number of charitable organisations each year who share their common aim. These grants will generally be awarded for a period of approximately one year.

Please spend time reviewing our focal areas and funding priorities, assessment criteria and grant exclusions (below) to ensure your project is a good fit with our criteria. You can also download and print our Grant Guidelines which contain all the essential information about our Grant in one place.

Focal areas

Preference will be given to programs that address the Amanda Flynn Foundation’s identified focal areas of:

  • Mental health and wellbeing of sensitive and at risk children and young people aged under 25 years.
  • Prevention of anxiety, depression, self-harm and suicide in children and young people.

We believe that access to support and skill development at the right time, can help sensitive and vulnerable children and youth to overcome disadvantage and mental health challenges, in order to reach their full potential. We aim to assist organisations working with children, young people and their families to gain access to services and programs that help them develop their resilience skills, be able to participate fully in school and daily life. Our desire is to support outcome focused organisations that are genuine about making a difference in the lives of sensitive and at risk children and young people.

Our funding priorities

  • We support community based programs that improve the mental health and well being of sensitive and at risk children and young people.
  • Support vulnerable and at risk individuals to improve their physical, mental and social well being.
  • Aim to build community capacity to cope with mental health challenges, through supporting education and professional development programs that improve resilience, social connectedness, provide mentoring and peer support.
  • Facilitating access to reliable, current and evidence-based mental health information and education.
  • Supporting collaboration and partnerships that trial innovative ways of tackling mental health problems and pathways of prevention for sensitive and at risk children and young people.

Detailed assessment criteria

The Amanda Flynn Foundation AFF Grant process is very competitive, which is why we request an Expression of Interest document prior to receiving a detailed application.

Should your Expression of Interest document be deemed something the Amanda Flynn Foundation may wish to support, you will be invited to submit a full application. Each application will be assessed on how well it addresses the needs of sensitive and at risk children and young people.

In particular, we will asses how applications:

  • Target the mental health and well being of sensitive and at risk children within Queensland.
  • Articulate the project need, providing evidence and how you will respond to identified need.
  • Demonstrate the potential to make a measurable improvement to the mental health and well being outcomes for sensitive and at risk children.
  • Address problems in a practical and engaging way to get the best outcomes possible.
  • Demonstrate capacity and capability as an organisation to manage the program, including providing risk management strategies.
  • Present a considered and clear budget that represents good value for money. The Foundation does not fund administrative overheads that are not directly related to the project.
  • Outline a clear project concept, with measurable and quantified targets, including how you will evaluate outcomes.
  • Demonstrate how you will collaborate and work with others to achieve maximum benefit to project outcomes.
  • Demonstrate how your project will be sustainable in the longer term.

Funding exclusions

Amanda Flynn Foundation does not provide funding for:

  • Financial literacy, legal assistance or financial assistance programs.
  • Programs that focus solely on academic outcomes with education.
  • Work experience, training and employment programs.

The following activities and applicants are not eligible for funding:

  • Religious, political or lobby activists.
  • Fundraising events or campaigns.
  • Purchase of land or buildings.
  • Overseas appeals.
  • Sponsorship, including sponsorships of conferences, events and festivals.
  • Grants to individuals or students.
  • Medical or other research.
  • Capital equipment and motor vehicles.
  • New buildings, refurbishment, renovation and fit-out.
  • Activities which collect funds for redistribution.
  • Expeditions or overseas travel.
  • Endowments, memorial or named academic chairs.
  • Core operating costs – We define core operating costs as the expenses associated with your organisation’s existing programs and operating its core programs, including office overheads and salary of key positions. You may however apply for funds to directly support the cost associated with delivering the program that you are seeking support for, including salary of project staff and supervision / management.