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Frequently asked questions

Can my organisation submit more than one Expression of Interest form?

There is no limit to the number of Expressions of Interest you can submit, however, we will only fund one project submitted by an organization during our funding cycle. It is therefore advisable to submit only one Expression of Interest per organisation.

Can I apply again if I have received a grant in the past?

Yes, as long as the previous project is finished and you have acquitted past grants you may apply again. Please note, however, that the Amanda Flynn Foundation’s Grant is not designed to provide ongoing funding.

Do projects have to be formally evaluated?

Whether a formal evaluation is required will depend on the project you are applying for. Evaluation may not be appropriate for small, grass roots projects. However, for larger programs, formal evaluation may be appropriate. We would expect the process of evaluation will be articulated within your invited application.

What items can I request funding for?

We fund the salary and wages of the people who will be specifically delivering the project you apply for, plus any additional costs associated with delivering and evaluating the project including travel, printing, consumables, supervision and external advice.

We do not fund core operating costs which we define as the expenses associated with your organisation’s existing operation and operating its core programs, including office overheads and salary of key positions.

It is a condition of the Grant that management fees and auspicing fees will not exceed 5% of the grant awarded. The Amanda Flynn Foundation reserves the right to set the amount of the management and auspicing fees to be applied to the grant, all fees must be identified in the Grant Application budget.

Do we need co-funding for our project?

No, the Amanda Flynn Foundation is willing to contribute 100% of the cost of a project. We are also happy to jointly fund a project with other donors, however, we prefer not to make a small contribution as part of a very big project.

Can I apply for a multi-year partnership with Amanda Flynn Foundation?

We do not accept applications for multi-year partnerships. Multi-year partnerships are by invitation of the Amanda Flynn Foundation only.