Amanda Flynn Foundation Grantee Obligations

All grants made by the Amanda Flynn Foundation are subject to the execution of a Grant Agreement or a Letter of Agreement, which is a short form of the Grant Agreement used for small grants.

Below are some of the standard conditions that apply to all grants made by the Amanda Flynn Foundation. They are provided here to outline some of the obligations involved when a grant is made. They are not exhaustive of the conditions that may apply.

The Amanda Flynn Foundation reserves the right to modify these standard conditions, as may be appropriate for specific applicants and circumstances.

Should an applicant’s grant application be successful, these standard grant conditions (as amended), along with other provisions and applications, will be reflected in the Grant Agreement or Letter of Agreement, as applicable, (the Agreement), between the Amanda Flynn Foundation (the Grantor) and the successful applicant (the Grantee).

It is a condition of the Grant that management fees and auspicing fees will not exceed 5% of the grant awarded. The Amanda Flynn Foundation reserves the right set the amount of the management and auspicing fees to be applied to the grant, all fees must be identified in the Grant Application budget.

Grant conditions

Below are some grant conditions for your information:

  1. The Grantee must use the whole of the Grant exclusively for the purpose described in the grant applications (“the Project”) submitted by the Grantee. The Grant must not be used for any other purpose, unless written permission from the Grantor has been requested and received, authorising that other purpose.
  2. If the Project is not completed by the Project end date (“the Completion Date”) specified in the Agreement, or any extension of that dated approved in writing by the Grantor, no part of the Grant may be paid out or otherwise used by the Grantee after the Completion Date without written approval of the Grantor.
  3. The Grantee must promptly advise the Grantor of any material change in the Project and/or its timeframes, which may affect the Grantee’s ability to undertake or complete the Project by the Completion Date.
  4. The Grantee will expend the Grant within Australia only within the particular State or Territory of Australia specified in the Grantee’s grant application.
  5. The Grantee must provide an official receipt to the Grantor within such period after payment as required by the Grantor.
  6. The Grantee must keep detailed financial records sufficient to accurately report the use of the grant funds and enable grant expenditure to be verified by the Grantor as required.
  7. The Grantee must acknowledge the support of the Grantor in any published or display material of the Project in a manner agreed by the parties.
  8. Details of the Grant will be made public by the Grantor, including the name of the Grantee, amount of the Grant and details of the Project.
  9. The Grantee must give the Grantor a financial acquittal and a final report in a form required by the Grantor and within an agreed time after the Completion Date. Reporting templates will be provided to Grantees to outline acquittal and final report requirements. If no period is specified for acquittal and report, then they are to be provided to the Grantor within one month of the Completion Date.
  10. The Grantee must give the Grantor progress reports as scheduled in the Agreement, or as otherwise requested, using the reporting templates provided. Grant obligations apply subject to such variations, deletions and additional conditions as may be stipulated by the Grantor to the Grantee at or before payment of the Grant, or, if the Grant is payable by installments, at or before payment of the first installment of the Grant.
  11. The Grantee must have current endorsement by the Australian Taxation Office as a Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) and Tax Concession Charity (TCC). The Grantee must maintain such endorsements for the entire period of the grant and advise the Grantor if there are any changes to these endorsements.
  12. Should a Grant be made, failure to implement the Project as agreed, and/or failure to comply with the Grantee obligations of any subsequent conditions imposed by the Amanda Flynn Foundation, will result in the Grant being reviewed. Such non-compliance will be taken into consideration in determining any future grant applications that may be submitted by the Grantee.